Saga of the World Dragon

Saga of World Dragon

In the dark of Creations Night the Storm raged. Primal forces filled the dark with thunder and lightning. Born in the Spark the Dragon roared out Light. Shadows swam around and attacked him. Darkness fought Light, Dragon against Shadow. Endless seeming war tore the Heavens.

Blood flowed from the Dragons wounds, thunder echoed in his ears. Lightning struck the blood and formed the Earth. Shadow and Dragon froze, and the Heavens trembled. Order and Chaos, Law and Lawlessness were born in that thunderclap. The Heavens were also filled with mighty spirits, but echoes of the Dragon and the Shadow. Then reality crashed around the Storm and the battle.

Blood sparked again and the newborn Sun shone on Earth and Heaven. The First Dawn shook the Dragon, his twisting claws rending Shadow. Evil was driven into the Darkness and Time. The Dragon fell to protect the new time-ravaged Earth. Coils wrapped above and below, in and out. And the Dragon became the World and the World, the Dragon.

Time fell heavily on the World and the Dragon beneath, closing his eyes. And with sleep came dreams. Visions of the Life that was to come and the death too. Death of Self and World and Life eternal. Life flows on the world, shaped by the Will and the Vision. More echoes of the First Dragon, small, winged and coiled.

The Spirits of the Heavens begin to shape and change Reality. They see the life emerging, knowing it to be true children of the Dragon, vow to Guide and Protect. The first, mightiest of the spirits names himself Emperor in Heaven. The Dragon below and of the World sleeps on. All but one Spirit gives fealty to their Lord in Heaven. Lo Pan rebels against his siblings and starts the War in Heaven.

Shang tries to wrestle his brother into submission. Qin scours the Heaven and Earth for weapon to use against his brother. Tang becomes the sun and pours healing Light on to Lo Pan. Han helps Qin and together they create the first Blade to wage war upon The Betrayer. Xia asks the sleeping World Dragon and receives an answer in a dream. Zhou speaks the first Words of Law and Lo Pan knows shame.

Lo Pan begs the Shadow to hide him from his brothers and sisters. Darkness embraces him, buries him deep in the Earth and he sees Heaven nevermore. Life spreads once more across the Earth, but twisted by Lo Pan’s evil. Mocking the noble Dragons with misshapen aberrations and monsters. The Heavenly Order rise up to push back the tide of evil. But the siblings argue endlessly on how to fight the Dark.

The World Dragon sleeps on in a nightmare fever. Cursed by Lo Pan and his Monster Nations. Xia feels the pain of the world and weeps. Her Tears fall upon the earth and life springs forth. A new race, pure of spirit and mortal, free from the curse of Lo Pan. A shining beacon of goodness drawing the twisted darkness to it.

War comes to the fledging race, monsters attack from the dark of night. Xia stands with them before her fallen brother and his hordes. Lo Pan orders his little sister to quit the field and return to Heaven. Six mortals step forward and defiantly tell Lo Pan that they will not yield. Angered by the brazen creatures before him Lo Pan unleashes a baleful spell. Sacrificing herself Xia absorbed the mightiest part of the curse.

Xia, then, was the first of the Heavenly Order to know death. Her people took her name and the Xian made desperate battle. The other siblings seeing their sister fall came to join the fray. The monster horde was pushed back, banished to the ends of the Earth. The Six came before the Heavenly Order to thank them. Promising, also, to worship them and to keep the memory of Xia.

The Emperor blessed the Land and gave it to the Xian to master. Shang teaches them how to be strong and to till the earth. Qin shows them the fine art of war should the Monsters return. Tang blesses the faithful with the power of healing and binds the Sun to return each day. Han raises the Great Forest and shows the secret ways. Zhou gives the words of Law for the Xian to obey.

The Dragons had been watching and approached the Order. We will be your agents on Earth they offered. For they knew the Order could not stay on Earth for long. Watch over them and guide them but they have been given enough knowledge. Do not teach them anymore for they are mortal and should not have The Power. And so it was that the Children of the World Dragon become members of the Heavenly Order.

Winter begins to grip the Earth and the People struggle on. Season’s come and go but Winter remains and many die. The Dragon Bai Lung takes pity on the Xian and shares the Minor Words of Power. The Xian use the power to chase winter from the land. Bai Lung rejoices and is revered by all, but the Heaven Order are angered. For his transgression “Bai” Lung is sundered into smaller, less wise, dragons.

With the words of Power the Xian tame the land to their Will. The Empire is born and the First Son of Heaven wears the Lavender Crown. The ceremony to appease the gods fills the nation for a year and a day. The Heavenly Order forgives the Children of Xian for Bai Lungs error. And so the form of the Xian Empire takes shape. And so it was from the Dawn of Civilization till the end of Days.

Saga of the World Dragon

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