The Turned Coat

A handy disguise


Aura Faint Abjuration CL 3rd Slot Body Price 1000 gp Weight 5lbs

This reversible coat appears to be of common design but is often made with fine and rare cloth with black lining. The outer garment is a standard Travellers Outfit jacket. The inner garment is jet black with dark red abyssal symbols embroidered along the lapels and epaulets.

Once turned inside out the coat fools detect alignments spells, with the wearer always registering as Evil. Law/Chaos axis will remain unchanged so a Lawful Good character wearing a reversed coat will appear Lawful Evil.

Wearer also gains +10 to disguise skill check in any attempt to pass them off as a different alignment.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, undetectable alignment, disguise self, 5 Ranks in Craft: Seamstress, Read/Write Abyssal Cost 500gp


The Turned Coat

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