Clockwork Chamberlain

Mechanical Aide


Aura Faint Transmutation CL 5th SlotPrice 27,000 gp Weight 20lbs

The Clockwork Chamberlain is a 3-foot tall wood and brass simulacrum. It will tidy up any room it is in and alphabetise books and scrolls in the room. It will also scrub clean any clothing placed in front of it, if it has a source of water it will also wash them. It will not leave any room it is placed. It can carry objects equivilent to a thick book but only for very short periods, it will drop anything heavier.

If placed within 5ft of another Clockwork Chamberlain it will become attuned to the other Chamberlain. Anything spoken in the same room will be sent instantly to the attuned Chamberlain, if it is within 5 miles, and repeated.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, unseen servant, whispering wind, 5 ranks of Knowledge (Engineering); Cost 13,500 gp


Clockwork Chamberlain

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