Treasure Fleet

Ships Log III
Ships Log II

14th day of Lesser Heat, year 109AS

Captains Entry

The Admiral, being impressed with the quick thinking of the investigation team has given them the honour of being g the first Halflings to explore a new island we have discovered. Giving them some trade goods and words of wisdom the Captain sent them off. Here is their report:

“The Island, much bigger than the last one, seemed to have on large mountain located centrally and was covered in thick jungle. A beach, a mix of rocky patches and white sand, presented the easiest way of getting on to the island. The two professors we had with us, zoologist and botanist, both seemed fascinated by the prospects of the island.

We noticed very quickly that the beach had a number of large skulls lying around. The first few picked up were empty, however, some were occupied. The Natives as we would later find out, call them Bone Crabs, and the name suits them well. Sima discovered them first when the skull he tried to pick up grew legs and walked off. Teoh used a blanket from the boat as a net and gathered it up. This started the trouble. Several more appeared on the beach and attacked. Given their size and formidable pincers, they were not so easy to deal with. At full stretch they are equivalent in size to the average Halfling, covered in thick shell and the added protection of a large skull and they scuttle very quickly. The most disturbing thing was the fact that it looked like that acted in concert, reacting instantly to the threat of one being captured.

It is with pride that I can report that all members of the exploration team acquitted themselves with honour and dignity. Teoh bravely fought three of the beasts at once, Sun and Sima using bow, crossbow and spear, Zheng was actually the first to dispatch one, truly a chosen one of The Heavenly Bureaucracy. We could have been overwhelmed by more of the Bone Crabs but Qi used her powerful magic to keep them at bay long enough for us to dispatch them and take cover in the jungle. Some of the remains, including the unusual skull they use as homes, have been returned to the fleet for study.

Sun and Sima scouted ahead, eventually finding a village of the natives of this Island. Zheng, Qi, Teoh and the two professors entered the village to start communication. The villagers were a strange looking creature, though creature may be incorrect, as they seemed to be walking talking plants. Seeming like a Halfling, a head, two arms and two legs, but made from plant fibres and sap instead of flesh and blood. Zheng started to communicate and Qi used her great skill with languages that actually allowed a better exchange. It seems that the Zotu, so they called themselves, have been raided by a race called Gnolls. By their description, Gnolls were large, hairy beasts. Teoh, being a Marine at heart, noticed that the Zotu lacked any metal weapons, and offered training and equipment to the Zotu, to help defend the island. They seemed very keen and Zheng sensed a trade opportunity. So we are please to report that we will exchange crossbows and bolts at the rate of 8 boxes of Yellow Musk Creeper flowers per unit (1 crossbow plus 30 bolts).”

Botanist’s Note: Such flowers will have many applications in medicine and as a poison. The Yellow Musk Creeper is a deadly plant in its own right and fully capable of defending itself from animal encroachment. It seems that these floral nature of the Zotu makes them perfectly suited to harvest the flowers. Though I am not sure how a plant native to the Western Empire can be found growing on such a remote island.

“Then came a very significant moment. The leader of the Zotu made a gift to us of a rusted metal box. ‘The Gnoll come looking something, maybe this. You take and maybe Gnolls come looking for you.’ Qi magiced away the rust to reveal a symbol on the lid of the case. The World Dragon. Needless to say we were all taken aback and made haste to conclude our meeting. We returned to the fleet as fast as the sailors could row us.”

Captains Note: The highest-ranking magical practitioners, Shi Xin (Archmage) and Hu Cai (Fleets Cardinal), were asked to make sure it was okay to open and that all proper rites and rituals were performed. A select few were present at the ceremony including the heroes named above, the Archmage, the Cardinal, the Admiral and myself. A hush fell when the lid was opened. Inside was indeed one the missing Relics of the World Dragon, lost for nearly a century. So I am pleased to log that the fleet has now in its possession The Fang of The World Dragon, a dagger of most potent magic. Morale runs high and the Admiral has added searching out the Gnolls a priority to see if they know of any other Relics. A celebration is now in order to honour the finding of such a momentous symbol of Halfling history.

Ships Log

Ships Log for Flagship ‘The Wrath Of The Dragon That Rages In The East Like The Storm That Created The Universe’

13th day of Lesser Heat, year 109AS

Captains Entry

Being the accounts relayed by explorers and specialist crewmembers, namely: Teoh – Marine, First Class Sun Li Wei – Ranger Sima Wulong – Explorer Qi Lein – Wu-Jen Zheng Lei – Priest of The Heavenly Bureaucracy

The storm, as noted in previous log entry, had scattered the formation of the squadron and fleet. Signals were sent to re-establish contact and start the regrouping. One Turtle ship, “The Steel Hawk That Swoops from Heaven and Rends it Foes”, failed to signal after three attempts to contact. We sent the above team to investigate and this is there report.

“We were rowed over to the stricken ship. A visual inspection was made of the outside. Some minor storm damage was noted as well as a possible lightning strike on the metal armour. However this was incidental and the ship was still very much sea worthy. We came aboard at the stern castle. Sun Li went up to the crow’s nest but the vantage point offered no further clues. At this point Teoh entered the deck below and we all heard possible movement from the interior. Inside we discovered that the crew were dead, attacked by tooth and claw. The Captain and First Mate, in their cabin. A quick look in the log only showed that the ship was being made storm ready.

In the main deck, the rest of the crew and marine platoon were also dead. The ones nearest the hold died quickly. Those near the rear of the ship had weapons in hand but did not prevail against whatever it was. We moved closer the hold hatch, again hearing the movement from below; some of us also caught sight of a head looking briefly out of the open hatch. It seemed pale with lank hair and glowing red eyes. We definitely heard several creatures moving down there. We also open the main armour hatches, to let as much of the evening sunlight as we could. Zheng suggested lowering a light source before descending the ladder. This is the reason we might still be alive now.

Whatever was down there attacked the lantern, smashing it. In the brief instant of light we caught sight of 4 figures, pale as the first. Teoh tried to talk to them, a voice full of cold hatred replied, confirming it had eaten the crew and that it had always been there.”

First Mates note: We have initiated a fleet wide search for any undead stowaways on all ships.

“We tried to set a fire but the creatures were smart enough to use the sand buckets to put it out. By now we had become convinced that they were some kind of undead, especially as the sunlight was hold them below. But the light was fading very quickly as the Sun set. The sailors on the rowboat reported that we were approaching an island. We decided that best course was to disable as much rigging as possible and set the sails alight before retreating. As the last of these tasks were done and all of us were on deck, the armour hatches began to close. We fled back to the rowboat and just managed to get away as the ship beached itself. We counted a total of five figures emerge on deck in the last of the light. Sun Li let loose an arrow but the light was so bad he did not hit a target. Zheng recognised the creatures now, Wights. We also noted several corpses on the beach of the island but deemed they to have no bearing on our current situation. We returned to the fleet with the charts, log and navigation equipment of The Steel Hawk recovered from the Captains Cabin.”

First Mates note: We have added the island and its dangers to the navigational charts. Should any Halfling ships pass this way again Fire should be used to cleanse the island of any remaining undead taint.

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